Kenyan Singer modeling Home Flight blanket
November 6, 2023
Native American Heritage Month is being celebrated all through November on the UO campus with a series of events, including Native-themed films, speakers, and more.
remnants of a Blue River home after the Holiday Farm Fire
October 30, 2023
KLCC-FM | A summit underway this week at the University of Oregon is focused on wildfire recovery across the state. It’s being led by Lane County and the U of O School of Planning, Public Policy and Management.
Development of marine robots to investigate sea ice and monitor climate change
October 29, 2023
World Nation News | A group of engineers and oceanographers from various institutions in the United States, including the University of Oregon, Temple University and the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, led by engineer Dr. Xi Yu of West Virginia University, is conducting a national project to develop marine robots that can explore the bottom of the sea ice and collect important data to monitor the effects of climate change.
Price Lake
October 27, 2023
AGU's Eos | This research is “really important,” said Diego Melgar, a seismologist at the University of Oregon in Eugene. People have been worrying about the Seattle Fault for decades, he said. The study is “telling us that really big earthquakes have happened in the past and we have every reason to believe that they’ll happen in the future as well.” Knowing about the timing and intensity of the quake(s) could help scientists understand the future hazard.
UO Stock Image
October 20, 2023

The Register-Guard | Vicki Strand, UO’s continuity and emergency manager in Safety and Risk Services, said now is the time to prepare in Oregon for a potentially massive Cascadia earthquake and coastal tsunami...Kelly Missett, the ShakeAlert regional coordinator, said it's important to immediately respond to emergency alerts for earthquakes, even if you don't yet feel shaking. 

Credit: Robert Ritchie, Unsplash
October 16, 2023
Despite the hazard, earthquake preparedness in the Pacific Northwest is lagging, said Diego Melgar, a seismologist at the University of Oregon and CRESCENT’s principal investigator.
Illustration by Observer design
October 15, 2023
The Guardian: Several patents are now in the works, says Hall, and, in addition to the pilot plantings, a small field trial involving about 600 of the trees is under way at the University of Oregon to confirm the results.
October 6, 2023
The Washington Oregon Cascadia Higher Education Sustainability Conference (WOHESC) is an opportunity for collective direction and solidarity in higher education for our region. As political, social and environmental issues become more complex, WOHESC convenes and empowers stakeholders who are driving leadership and generating solutions for a more sustainable, just and equitable future.
October 4, 2023
An expert at keeping the gears of Congress moving forward, Associate Professor Gregory Dotson has returned to the University of Oregon School of Law after working on historic climate legislation on Capitol Hill. 
October 4, 2023
An ongoing project from the UO’s Institute for Resilient Organizations, Communities, and Environments (IROCE) aims to piece together historic land use practices and create a template for sustainable and resilient forest management going forward.
mural of comic panels by Michael Nicoll Yahgulanaas
September 28, 2023
Three Indigenous artists whose work deals extensively with environmental questions will take part in the Indigenous Comics Speaker Series at the UO over the coming academic year. The work done by the trio deals extensively with how the environment affects Indigenous knowledges, cultural practices and life through comic form. The series begins with Michael Nicoll Yahgulanaas, an award-winning visual artist and author, at 4 p.m. Wednesday, Oct. 11, in the Knight Library Browsing Room.
illustration of people
September 26, 2023
University of Oregon employees strive for excellence in teaching, research, artistic expression, and the generation and application of knowledge. They are frequently honored for their research, scholarship, teaching, leadership and service that exemplifies individual excellence and delivers on our institutional purpose.
hazelnuts on tree
September 22, 2023
Dhillon, the lab manager for the Hallett Lab in the Department of Biology and the Environmental Studies Program, is collecting samples to test a new, more sustainable way to farm hazelnuts. The lab is part of the UO’s College of Arts and Sciences.
Radio logo
September 22, 2023
This program focuses on science storytelling for Latine/x/a/o people and communities in the Willamette Valley. During summer 2023, El Sonido de la Ciencia (The Sound of Science) has aspired to reach audiences and communities frequently ignored and marginalized by mainstream news media and governmental actors who make decisions regarding public health and the application of scientific knowledge. El Sonido de la Ciencia features interviews with scientists, students, non-profit organizations, artists, and many others.
illustration of Latinx activities and people
September 22, 2023
Patos Unidos, a one-stop resource webpage, launches in time for Latinx Heritage Month.