The UO’s Environment Initiative, after three foundational and pathbreaking years of work, is transitioning to a new, sustainable model. This new endeavor, known as UO Environment, will leverage institutional expertise in education, research, and impact on the major environmental issues facing our world.

Through UO Environment, the College of Arts and Sciences will work with other colleges and schools to carry forward curricular and other work begun under the initiative to grow educational and research opportunities at UO. In addition, the Office of the Vice President for Research and Innovation is working with faculty leaders to explore the creation of a new center on climate change solutions policy, as well as a number of other areas of research. This web site will serve as a communications hub for news and events across the entire campus.



The College of Arts and Sciences will continue the transdisciplinary curricular work begun under the initiative in conjunction with other colleges and schools.


The exploration of a new center under OVPRI is underway, intended to work with communities on climate solutions, policies, and research.


Learn about the work UO faculty are conducting that is making an impact in the world.


See the noteworthy environment-related updates and events happening on campus and in the community.


Join SCR Associate Dr. Catalina De Onís this month when she will lecture on her SCR Small Grant Program funded bilingual children's book “¡Juntes por la justicia climática! Together for Climate Justice!". During her book talk and signing she will describe the role of her student coauthors and the importance of teaching climate justice to new generations.
Join the SAB Arts & Culture team as we welcome Steph Littlebird for her free dinner presentation BE Passionate in the EMU Ballroom on November 21st. Doors & Dinner: 5:00pm Presentation: 6pm-7:00pm followed by Q&A 7-7:30pm
Meet community fire organizations and local artisans, shoot free throws, and support wildfire resilience and Indigenous land management! Open to students, faculty, staff, community members, and more.

Faculty Excellence

See the work that University of Oregon faculty are producing to make an impact on the world »

A researcher working with students in virtual reality

Pimentel's work in virtual reality seeks to make a global problem like climate change into something you can experience on a personal level.

greg dotson

Dotson will work towards situating the Environment Initiative in the community of researchers, policy advocates and policymakers who are focused on climate mitigation in the energy sector.

marsha weisiger

Weisiger will advance several projects focused on environmental history that analyze and interpret the ways humans and nonhuman nature have shaped each other over time.



The University of Oregon is a partner in the Oregon Water Futures Project, bringing groups together to talk about water justice and how it might be secured. Alaí Reyes-Santos, an associate professor, is a key player in the project.
The city of Eugene will begin work this week on a significant improvement project on the shared-use path that runs through the riverfront section of the university campus.
The UO’s Jim Meacham and Alethea Steingisser have teamed up with an international group of researchers led by Wyoming biologist and UO alumnus Matthew Kauffman to launch a global initiative that will leverage maps in conservation efforts around the world.
The Portland Bureau of Transportation (PBOT) renamed Portland's newest bicycle and pedestrian bridge after Metro Councilor Bob Stacey, for a nearly half-century career making the Portland area a more sustainable region through land use and transportation planning.
Aaron Galloway, a professor at the Oregon Institute of Marine Biology — a University of Oregon campus tucked away in Charleston — has reinvented his course for the COVID-19 pandemic this spring, coupling field study with outdoor lectures.
UO professor Sarah Wald, who is affiliated with both the Environmental Studies Program and Department of English, is working on a new research project that will explore how different narratives address inequities and diversity in public land use and outdoor recreation.
Can environment play a role in the diversity of offspring? In today's Academic Minute, the University of Oregon's Nadia Singh looks to fruit flies to find out. Singh is an associate professor of biology at Oregon.
Bathsheba Demuth is an assistant professor of history and environment and society at Brown. She is an environmental historian, specializing in the lands and seas of the Russian and North American Arctic. Demuth is interested in how the histories of people, ideas, places and nonhuman species intersect. Her interest in Northern environments and cultures began when she was 18 and moved north of the Arctic Circle in the Yukon.
Examination of global data by a University of Oregon sociologist finds new meat sources drive additional consumption and continued environmentally costly production
With a main campus arboretum serving as a backdrop, and a satellite campus close enough to the Pacific Ocean that sea spray fogs its windows, Ducks across numerous disciplines have long been researching environmental issues in innovative ways. Earth Day, April 22, is an opportunity to celebrate that work but also a time to remember that in many ways, every day is Earth Day at the UO.